Car Servicing

Whilst aware of today’s longer service interval trends, with checklists replacing an oil-can and the spanner, where applicable we still try to apply the old-school approach to maintenance.

In a world where focus seems to be on timescale and menu-priced costs, many people are losing sight of the fact that the main purpose of a service is to find and resolve any issues that may cause safety or reliability issues between now and the next service. Also, no two cars are the same; two neighbours with identical cars will have different issues over the years and will need different care and advice, just like our own personal health and dental care. We therefore treat every car and customer individually.

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We specialise in:

  • Audi, VW & Seat/Skoda
  • Specialist diagnostic services also available for Volvo
  • Common rail fuel system diagnosis & repair
  • Quality car servicing
  • MOT preparation & repairs
  • Engine tuning/fault diagnosis
  • Fuel injection/ABS brakes
  • Air conditioning repairs
  • Friendly efficient service
  • Local collection & return available
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