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We have recognised the need to try wherever possible to remain up to date with modern technologies and have made huge investment to do so. We are one of the very first garages in our local area not only to have invested at Main Dealer level with our specialist diagnostic equipment but also to have a true focused vision of car repairs in the future.

While a country garage is usually an all-makes repairer, which to a certain extent we still are, we also recognise the fact that it is no longer possible to know about and kit out your workshop to fix any vehicle either mechanically or electrically or any combination of both!

Specialist Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen Garage

Regarding your health, your local GP may be your first port of call and anything he considers requires help beyond his scope of assessment will quickly get a referral to the right person, who can provide the best attention in the most efficient manner, whether the problem is hands and feet or heart and lungs.

If we consider this is attending to something that has not changed in thousands of years how can it be possible to know all about an Alfa and an Audi, or a BMW and a Bentley, have all the right knowledge, tools, electronics and information? It just can’t be done, and any garage who considers they can continue to do so will eventually fall short not only in your expectations, but also in their own profits!

Every time a customer buys a new model, their servicing garage needs to get out the cheque book to buy some new tools, update their information systems, not to mention a re-tune of the technician’s grey matter to fuse them all together, then there is the need for software updates to resolve problems, which in the wrong hands can wreak havoc.

If you speak to a franchised dealer about the above, they will complain bitterly about the costs and difficulties involved, when you consider that they are only doing this for each marque they support, just imagine how an all-makes garage feels about attempting this for 40+ different brands!

For this reason, we have focused on repairing cars from the VAG group (Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen). Two of us have also worked in VAG dealerships.

We will always support these brands to dealer level and even have the manufacturers diagnostic platform with a direct link to their factory servers for programming of new modules and assisting keep vehicle software up to date, while we continue to purchase any special hand-tools for general maintenance of main-stream models.

While we have a futuristic focus in all things in the VAG group, we will continue to service and repair many other makes, also in being repairers, we get to see the worst in things, so regularly advise customers which other brands give least problems, which we are happy to see and the ones to avoid!

Our Range of Equipment

Over the years, we have invested in many different types of equipment that allows us to efficiently diagnose problems. These include specific tools to maintain and repair air-conditioning, state of the art computer based 4 wheel alignment and geometry, fuel injection test equipment for petrol and diesel, engine analysers and generic/multi-make scan tools from Autel, Autologic, Bosch and Delphi.

If you have any questions please give us call or contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

Offering an Excellent and Professional Service

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We specialise in:

  • Audi, VW & Seat/Skoda
  • Specialist diagnostic services also available for Volvo
  • Common rail fuel system diagnosis & repair
  • Quality car servicing
  • MOT preparation & repairs
  • Engine tuning/fault diagnosis
  • Fuel injection/ABS brakes
  • Air conditioning repairs
  • Friendly efficient service
  • Local collection & return available
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